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new year, new beginnings

it's been a hell of year. 2023 was not one for the books. 2023 was supposed to be the best year of my life -- and turned out to be the absolute worst year of my life. i devoted myself to leave 2023 in the past, and start fresh in 2024.

2024 will be filled with new goals, achievements, opportunities, love and success. daily affirmations WILL BE done every morning. workouts WILL BE done 5x a week, if not more. i am focusing on myself - for myself, but more importantly more my kid. a happy and healthy mom = a happy and healthy kiddo. i put us both through hell and back the past year. and i now know that we both deserve better.

i wont be blogging every day, BUT i am going to try at least once or twice a week. 2024 probably won't be the best year yet either, but i do know it will be much, much better than 2023 was.

cheers to 2024!


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