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you say you can't make time for me

or do you not want to?

just say the truth

the only reason you keep me around

is because i'm an ego stroke for you

a "congratulations sweetheart"

"you're doing so great"


the only reason i fell in love with you

is because my soulmate is running late

and so i thought you were him

same energy at the beginning

and you could have been my soulmate

but you seem to hate winning

that's unfortunate, truly

because your words and action don't align

you kept praying for a change

and then just ignored the exit sign

so you keep going down this road of only dead ends

God gave you a soulmate

and you returned her as "just friends"

and then wanted her back

things don't really work that way, true

or was it all just a lie?

you know heaven said i should never go back to you

so i didn't, i stayed

met other angels that got played

we all shook our heads, shrugged

said "that's the bed that they made"

but we kept looking down

because we kept our silly little human hearts

rumor has it that Cupid even started throwing darts at heart shaped balloons

who broke the matchmaker?

all these silly little angels fell in love with a heartbreaker

and when we fall in love

it's undeniably true

that when i'm sent back to the earth

i'll forget everything

except remembering to protect you


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