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Updated: Jun 22, 2023

She is stuck, confused, lost on where to go in life.

She is lonely - and although there is people that remind her she is not alone, that feeling of being alone still does not go away, no matter what.

She is scared.

She is a mother, a caregiver.

She has a little boy who she has to take care of, a little boy who needs her - and although she thinks he deserves so much better, deep down she knows he needs her.

She is a failure to everyone in her life.

She is caring, passionate and loves hard.

She is loved.

She is hated.

She lives in constant fear of all the "what if's" that could come.

She feels worthless, and is at her lowest point in life.

She has been lied to, cheated on, hurt and punished.

She has also lied to, and hurt her loved ones, unknowingly at the time, thinking she was protecting them.

She hates herself, all while trying to learn how to love herself again.

She wants to disappear, but wants to be present at the same time.

She is sad.

She grew up with an absent biological father who is no longer in her life, who hid her from his family - but also grew up with a father who stepped up and took care of her without thinking twice about it.

She grew up with a mother who chose drugs over her and her siblings.

She was bullied growing up, made fun of.

She was sexually assaulted by an older cousin when she was a young child.

She has tried her whole life to overcome all the bullshit she has been through.

She has kept secrets.

She is learning how to live again, but struggling.

She is trying not to care about what people think or say about her.

She is sorry for all the pain and hurt she has ever caused anyone.

She is brave and fierce.

She is weak

She is ugly.

She is beautiful.

She has skeletons in her closet, just like every other person on this earth.

She is human.

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